Electing to attend Purdue University, Greg Perry was not formally trained as an architect, design came to him instinctively at a young age. Decades of architectural research, discovery, and gilded age inspiration provide a unique perspective. His first home designed at age 7, his first custom home built at age 27. Over fifteen years of past experience as a licensed general contractor enables him to design efficiently while handling business appropriately. Those abilities now transcend into assembling and managing teams of builders, suppliers, vendors, and specialty artisans to execute his design work.

Void of ostentation, his homes represent the achievements of his clients, acting as impresario of their self-image. Sometimes an unexcelled interpretation of tradition, other times a juxtaposition of combined elements, no one project is limited by the constraints of style. The design principles of scale and proportion, first authored in 16th century Italy by Andrea Palladio, are present in every project. Thorough study of the gilded age work by McKim Mead & White, to the following of current worldly design developments, inspires the design process and outcome. All plan sets are created in the lost art of hand rendering, while current technology enables designers to create 3D video presentations. The successful completed home pleases the client, understands the fabric of the neighborhood, and abides by architectural civic responsibility.


Wedding at the Charlotte City Club, Charlotte, North Carolina. March 26, 2016. Wedding Videography by Alan Daly of Crown Alley Films, Inc.